Reproductive Services

We have been standing stallions / breeding and managing mares for over 25 years. As one of Arizona’s largest Quarter Horse Breeders we have had the pleasure of seeing many foals conceived, born and raised at our ranch before going on to their respective careers. For this we thank our past, present and future customers. We offer the following services:

On Site Breeding
A number of nice stallions stand with us for your consideration when planning to breed your mare. We use artificial insemination (AI) on a routine basis for breeding purposes. This provides us with better conception rates and increased safety for our stallions and mares. Thoroughbreds are managed in full compliance with the Jockey Club requirements.

Transported Cooled Semen
We have the ability to ship semen anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada via airline counter to counter same day service (US only) or Federal Express priority overnight. We ship semen on all of our Quarter Horse Stallions. To book your mare utilizing cooled semen, please return a signed Transported Semen Contract and all necessary documentation.

Mare Management
In addition to breeding mares to our ranch stallions, we handle cooled semen shipped from most of the major farms throughout the United States. We welcome your mares utilizing this technology. With our established reproductive program and close working relationship with outside breeding farms we have excellent conception rates. There is a one-time charge of $300.00 per mare per season, plus board, veterinarian fees and costs associated with the shipment of semen.

Foaling mares are monitored 24 hours a day thru the use of cameras, alarms, foal alert system and personal surveillance. Your foal will receive all necessary medical care and attention. Seramune is routinely given by our ranch veterinarian to ensure its best start in life.

Embryo Transfer Services
Please call the farm for information on Embryo Transplants in conjunction with the services of Dr Gerry Longworth, Scottsdale Equine Reproductive Center.

Your mares and babies are our business.